What If? How? Why?

This Is A Project For What If(s), How(s), And Why(s). Anything off Topic from What(s) Why(s) And How(s) Will be… Done something to??? (This is my second topic XD)


heyo, can you explain more n in detail pls? Thanks a lot!


@NTh3R This Topic Is About asking questions about only code. How(s) Why(s) And What(s) Are Good Examples of Topics Able To be brought up about code here.


Asking About the group also is allowed. But if Anyone tries to put in appropriate stuff here then “all hands on Deck” :slight_smile:


For Example,

{When Game Starts} Set Color Red {Check Once If Level = 2} Check Once if {Placeholder Value} = 0 Set Width Self Width / 5 Hight Self Hight Else Set Invisibility 100

That’s code for one lava brick in my game


We can also share code

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hey, unfortunately these kind of topic aren’t allowed. There’s already a topic made for that. It’s right here!

need a @Leaders for this stuff (portal n clive)

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Yeah that would be helpful-

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hey!! this is a really cool idea but we actually have this entire forum for getting Hopscotch code help. it was originally created for code help and collaboration purposes and we’ve carried that forward over the past 6ish years. those principles are actually exactly what this community is build on! which is really cool to think about imo.
however, that means that this topic is a repeat of some existing topics, so ill have to merge it into those.

here’s a few great resources you and everyone else can check out!!

if you have any more forum-specific questions, ask us in the Leaders Q and A Topic!

hope this was helpful :)) i’ll leave the topic open for a day just in case there’s any further related questions.


How Many Times do I gotta make a topic to make an approved topic :slightly_frowning_face:


We can’t really be off topic here


@TrueHarryPotterLover’s awesome topic may help you! (:


I saw that and it only taught me to make projects. I have Absolutely no clue whatsoever how I get a approved one


well, you still can ask in the Leaders QnA Topic if you aren’t sure if your topic will be approuve :wink:

When ever you want to create a topic, think “is there already a topic that this could go in?”

If yes, put it in that topic

If no, make one!

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