What if Hopsotch didn't exist?



Have you ever thought what life would be like without hopscotch? And what you would have done if you hadn't got introduced to coding? I would be as of rn twiddling my thumbs or playing a boring game. How about you?


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I still would've learned to code anyway on some other platform.


I would be scratching and watching youtube


Well I would not be bored because I would not know what HS was. It wouldn't, well, exist. Duh.


I would probably watch Netflix and YouTube and Tv too.


1) I wouldn't have known anything about text based coding languages.

2) I wouldn't have met so many sweet and amazing people. (YOU!) :D

3) I wouldn't know as much math as I do now. (I learned some through the forum)

Hopscotch was my very first coding experience. :smiley:


I wouldn't be able to code, because my Mom wouldn't have helped me code further, and I would be playing a boring game. I would also have not met all these wonderful people or have a game to look forward to playing every day.


What if hopscotch got shut down? Coz most of us wouldn't be any different .IDEK :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah probs not. I think I would just do other stuff.


I would not know who leafy is.
I wouldn't be good at art.
I never would have read Harry Potter.
I never would have eaten pickles yesterday.


Then I wouldn't be typing dis post


I would be watching Netflix, playing Pokemon go, and wondering what am I doing with my life and is there something else out there for me but it doesn't exist XD


I would have never become friends with @CosineStudios!


I would legit drop dead


If hs didn't exist my dad would get me some other way to learn to code.


I also wouldn't exist.


I would be playing roblox and YouTube.


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Id probably be practicing piano, or practice acting, or running so I can get in shape for swim season.


I would be worse at maths and programming.

I'd probably be Scratching... lol itches.


I would be looking for a coding problem and probably focus more on Java
Tbh I wouldn't even be coding Hopscotch was the reason I even want to learn coding. So he's without hopscotch I would be a unintelligent fool that would fail school.