"What if" get to know you game


This is yet again part of my series of games to stop flame wars on the forum
(See link below)

More games to play here http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/games-to-bring-the-forum-together/26710?u=ella_13

how to play

So one player will say a what if statement/question. Someone else will say a answer. The it continues and continues with new what if quesitons. You can look them up if needed
Player 1: what if fruit tasted like candy
Player 2: we would eat a lot of it

I'll start:what if your pet could talk?

Games to bring the forum together

I'd ask them how they feel about cats


What if everyone just stopped for a second and starred off into space.


What if Hopscotch rained from the sky?


It would be extremely weird XD


What if I could get a job at THT


Errr idk
That's kinda weird


I'd wave in front of their face until they noticed me


You would have loads of fun


You would have the best job ever


What if HS didn't exist


I would slowly start to fall apart


I wouldn't be inspired to code


I wouldn't be on the forum rn


What if we could think what we wanted to code, and we didn't have to worry about malfunctioning copy/paste buttons?


What if the sky was red


Then coding would be boring


It would be a sunset basically


I agree.. it would, because then you don't learn anything


What if Donald Trump becomes POTUS?