What I should create next (poll)?



Credit to @t1_hopscotch for how to make a poll
Credit to @NDSDNS and @Phase_Studios for the idea

  • Pixel Art
  • Platform Game
  • Simulator Game
  • A game like a well known app (suggestions?)
  • Art
  • Drawing Pad
  • Other (reply?)


You may choose up to 2 options.

A few people did this already, but I want to know what you think I do best :wink:


I made the drawing pad here. If you voted for game like a well known app or pixel art, would love some suggestions about what you would want it about.


Because it has the most votes so far, I am working on a new pixel art. It is music related if you are curious. It might take a couple of days because it is 40 lines long.


Thank you for Mentioning my name and that you gave Credit to me @CreativeCoder!


Make goat simulator! :yum:


Okay, since HALF OF ALL OF THE VOTES are for simulator games (what, do you think I'm good a them, or do you just want to see me make one? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:) and @DrDuctape suggested Goat Simulator, I guess I'm trying that now

I made a project asking if anyone wanted to help, especially since a) it's a large map, and b) I want to get Easter eggs like in the actual game.


Yeah! Goat simulation is fun! :grinning: