What I should ask The Hopscotch Team


As some of you know I won a competition and I now have a 15 minute time with them to ask questions about hopscotch, programming, and stuff like that. In this topic tell me some questions I can get answered


Anyone have any burning questions?


Can u ask them how often they update rising?


? What is that supposed to mean? Can you reword that


Nvm I know what you mean


I think I'm going to ask that but I have one similar to that. Have any more?


For real though you can ask any question to the team about ANYTHING hopscotch related what would it be. If I'm correct you can ask about future features / blocks.


Could u say that this is from EnchantedHopscotcher, or EnchantedAnimallover on the forum?:

Hi, thomas/The hopscotch team! Thankyou for making hopscotch. It means alot. Thankyou for upadting Hopscotch to make it better and awesomer and more fantastic. :D

You guise are really kind. Thanks for guving me three features and my fren -EnchantedAnimallover-/VanillaBlossom a first feature. I just love your choices for featured and the likes you have given me. (very rare xD)

Will there ever be a time you can use images for Hopscotch without the suscribtion? :D



Just tag Liza and she'll read it. :stuck_out_tongue: