What Hopscotchers would you want back?



In the past, there have been a lot of people who have left Hopscotch. Who are some of the people you would want back?


The Hopscotch team


I was going to say that


@CatWithABrush :pensive::pensive::pensive: I really miss my fwen úwù


probably we2fd, I know they haven’t left but I would like them to be more active (I really like their art okay)
and of course leaders on the forum
off topic question why do you have to run out of likes :((((


this time seriously, we2fd was one of my biggest inspirations


Who are some of the best coders on Hopscotch that left (other than MagmaPOP, duh.)


oio (hopefully other people know who I am talking about)


Good choice.


I miss @Havke ; ;


Actually I don’t miss the past me
cwab was really cringeworthy


@MagmaPOP, @Rawrbear, NDSDNS, Cypher, etc.
So many good hopscotchers left ;-;


Pretty much everyone who has left has made me sad.

Especially @yaygirls though… I really missed them on the forum.


i miss @treefrogstudios and also some other people my mind is blanking out


You had good art tho ngl
And same here lmao


that’s a lie
Please don’t tell me it was better than now, I couldnt take this dishonor


NAHHHH youve definately improved

I mean that like you were one of the bests Of the art then


We’ve had SG3A, we2fd, XMM, choco or Bananadog, and you called my art “good”??? hahaha


yummymuffin (i think that was her name, not sure)


does people you want back on the forum count

if so, @FATTCAT, @blastfusion, @JonnyGamer