What Hopscotch premium features do you use?

Hey Hops,

Ana here :grinning: how are you all doing?

I was wondering how many of you have a Hopscotch subscription or use seeds?

It’d be awesome if you can vote in the poll below.

Also, feel free to let me know in the comments below what premium features do you find more useful and what features do you think we should add to Hopscotch.

  • I have a Hopscotch subscription
  • I use seeds
  • I don’t use Hopscotch premium features

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Saveable variables would really be epic

Btw the strings are awesome, thx for those!!



even though I don’t use premium features, from debugging code which has the beta editor, strings are EXTREMELY helpful and arrays would be something I’d like to see


The beta testing feature is imo the key selling point for the subscription. I might actually purchase it when I’m not saving up for smth else, which I’m doing rn. Seeds make more sense for me though, as I only purchase 1-3 projects w/ images a month. Though that beta editor is amazing.

Maybe a read and write feature, or a save variable to the device. This could be useful in games instead of using a save code.


Strings are epic

String and number only variables

Saveable variables

Dark mode

A break block

Option to delete variables and scenes

Automatically name projects and objects when created

Custom sounds


Bug fixes

And another comp where we could make loading screen facts/jokes/comments


I’ve kind of taken a break from Hopscotch for a while due to boredom and school, and I came back recently just to check it out. After learning a couple of actual programming languages, I was kind of surprised at Hopscotch’s lack of some pretty basic features that are found in many other programming languages.
Here are a few ideas:

  1. Arrays/lists
  2. format strings (C’s printf, or python’s .format for example)
  3. FUNCTIONS this would be an amazing addition to Hopscotch. I know it has custom rules, but you should have the ability to have functions. This would make programs a lot simpler. (I really don’t understand why Hopscotch doesn’t have this yet)
  4. For loops
  5. Booleans
  6. An is_pressed global variable
  7. I don’t know, classes? Or dictionaries? Structs?

Some other ideas that aren’t block ideas:

  1. move the text back to the beginning in “add object”
  2. remove redundant blocks so Hopscotch can be lighter and more compatible with older devices.

That’s all I can think of at the moment.


Couple of those are actually in HS right now, or in the beta editor - they’re just hard to find.

Petrichor found a way to make a list using string variables.

Custom rules are basically functions without parameters. They are planning on adding them though, there’s a function in the secret blocks.

Repeat times is basically a for loop without the variable (I call it x). If you want to know what loop you’re on, just increase a variable in every loop.

I’m sure there’s a way to make an Is Pressed global variable, I’ve made lots of those (just not a global one).


Explain? Like suing AE’s web player? Or- what?


there is?


Just because there are tricks to create an “is_pressed” variable and lists, doesn’t mean they shouldn’t add it. An is_pressed variable that is added by the developers will be much more reliable. And lists are so essential that they should be implemented even if there are some tricks to simulate them.

Repeat times is very weak. A for loop is much more powerful, and is essentially a merge between a while loop and a repeat times loop. A for loop could replace repeat times and repeat forever.
(This is assuming they implement the for loop like C’s for loop, not python’s:
for(initialize counter, condition, update counter))


It would be nice if all the when statements were in the check one if block.
check once if self is touching square

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switch statements would also be something I’d like to see to reduce reading hundreds of check if else’s


I think being able to do things like “When (Square — Clone Index 27) is pressed” or “Increase (Text — Clone Index 6) by 1” would be super helpful.
I’d also like to see strings out of the beta editor soon lol, they’re so useful and I already have a bunch of ideas for projects I’d like to make with them. I don’t have the sub though.


I don’t see a way that they could implement a switch statement that would be significantly more readable than a bunch of if statements.

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Are you saying you should be able to change a clone’s index?


No, just be able to choose which clone you want instead of having to use the Self thingy. Like instead of When Self is Tapped you’d be able to do When Square’s 10th Clone is Tapped or something.


Ah, never mind. I assumed the developers did something weird with threads to create clones, but that probably wouldn’t have worked. I forgot that objects exist (just not in the programming language I use). So, @tankt2016’s suggestion would work. My bad.


Same lol, their so powerful, and I just kinda feel wierd when I start a new project, like hmm, should I just wait till strings so it’s way easier? Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t.


Images, they make up my career
Strings, they’re epic

record sound
play music block