What Hopscotch forumer are you?


Which hopscotch forumer are you?

Plz comment and stuff .I don't want this being another one of my topics where people like and vote but say nothing .:D

  • I am the liker.I like every post!
  • I Am the positive one.Im positive to everyone
  • I am the collab person.I do loads of collabs!
  • I am the off topic person.I sometimes go off topic
  • I am the helpful person.I help everyone!


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First reply ! This is a cool topic !


I'm a leiker who shares her love! And I get crazy when I'm ran out of leikes…:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:


I sure hope I am the positive one, I try my best to be. :smile:


Same here ! I love to lime as well but I try to keep a POSATIVE attitude !


Wow thx


I do counts as a positive person but it's only when I'm positive. I just don't post anything when feeling negative. (Yeah I'm quite straightforward)


Same​:joy: Lol


I'm positive one :slight_smile:


Where's the option for "whatever's on topic"?


What? Sorry?


I mean just going into a topic and finding out what it's about, and then just posting on it (but being on topic)


I'm the liker lol. But I try to be the helpful one..:


I think I'm a positive one


Although I don't like that many projects I always give positive feedback


What's the list for
Why r these ppl being acknowledged


It's the Offical mass tag list


It's the Offical Mass Tag list, a big list of people who like being tagged in a lot of topics :wink:


Thx allot
I didn't know


Güd because if you did I would've posted for nothing :stuck_out_tongue: