What Hopscotch/Forum Friends Mean + Help!


Hi. So recently I had a friend who was mad at me, so I decided to make a topic on friendship and what it means.

True Friendship:

What is true friendship? True friendship is friends who will never leave each other. They're friends who cannot be parted, no matter what. They're friends that never get mad at each other. They're friends that are true.

They love one another and have many memories together. They talk all the time, and cry when the other is crying. They love what the other love. They do what the other do. They are always together.

They never leave each other's side. They never go against each other. They're always together.

TRUE, in my brain, stands for Trusting, Real, Unique, Equal. A true friend is trusting and will never reveal anything. They're real, and not just using you. They're unique; hard to fin. And lastly, they are equal to you. They are as good as you.

True friendship comes from love.

Hopscotch Friends:

Internet friends are friends you make on the Internet, games, and what not. They are spectacular and will send virtual hugs. They treat you as if you're there with them. They defend you in times of trouble.

They follow you and stay faithful to that. They like your projects and stay faithful to that. They don't care if the other person is unfollowing them, because they know that they will get followed back. :D

Hopscotch friends are usually true.

My Hopscotch Firneds:

I have friends on Hopscotch. I follow them. I like their projects. It doesn't matter to me if they unfollow me, because I know someday, they will follow me again. c:

My hopscotch friends include Intellectiom, Smishy, Banny, Malty, Disky, Dudey, SmilingSnowflakes, VanillaBlossom, and more.

They are my friends. Some follow me back, some don't. It's doesn't matter to me. They are my fiends, and I will never ditch them.

I'm not afraid to get myself suspended from defending them.

So there you have it.

Im on a sutuation.

Irk, I have a friend, whose name I don't want to speak of. She is mad at me because I apparently ditched us. We're in different classes this year, so I can't all to her as much. She says I hang out with VanillaBlossom too much, since we're n the same class.

I explained to her that different classes mean less talking to each other, but she won't understand it. She wants us to be only friends because we're in the same class, but I don't want that to happen. I want to be true friends, like I'm true friends with VanillaBlossom. :D

this was a horrible speech omg :p

I have a question too lol:

Does Pikachu have a nickname a don if so wut is it? Please spans wet thicks





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You have some typos, but I like the point of this.
You said fiends


Is you're name emery?? XD you sound like me friend.

Also I agree, my friend got mad at me and shut me out after I sent her w text as a joke that said mean old rat.

I would defend my friend even if I got suspensed to


Amazing topic! :clap::smile:


I agree! Friends are friends, no matter if they're online or not. Also, thanks. I'm glad to have you as a friend. :smiley:


senpai says I'm fren and glad meh happy lol



this is smol text


Great topic @EnchantedAnimallover


Thenks, fren!


Let's be thankful for the friends we already have!


This is great! c:

And it reminded me of this mlp song:

A true true friend helps a friend in need
A friend will be there to help them see
A true true friend helps a friend in need to see the light
That shines
From a true true frieeeeend!



Pika-chan LOL


I don't have a true fren
I wanted one
But I never expected to have one
I have many frens on Hop AND Forum!:smiley:


I've had a lot of experiences like this. I love this topic!

I have some advice with your friend situation.

Say, "I really wish you could be with me more often! It'd be so nice to have you in my class. I've found a friend in my class, and I know you think I ditched you for her, but if it seems that way, I'm really sorry.

That's not the truth that I ditched you. You can keep on being mad at me, but I want to be even better friends with you. The point is, you being mad at me will just break us apart even more. If you want to fight, that's okay, but I won't continue it. I want to spend time with all my friends, because it's okay to have lots of friends."


Great Speech!!!

A few typos ;)

But great speech though!


I agree! Here's a like

some small text and big text


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