What have you been doing?


This is where you can share any projects you e been doing and I'll also share what I've been doing.:smile:


This might be for talk to a hopscotcher @Intellection74


I don't think this is similar to Talk to a Hopscotcher
But I think it's be good to review this


What's that I'm new here so could you tell me.


Oh welcome to the forum!

Talk to a hopscotcher is a topic!


I think this topic is fine! Cool, I'll look at your projects if you post them here! I bet they're really good! :D


Oh and thank you and one question how do you put a pic on a a reply?:grimacing:


The little arrow that's going up from a box press that


Thank you I'll start posting pics






Any ideas of other projects​:slight_smile:


Finished look for passenger let her go to her song