What have I done


Looking around the forum, it appears that some bad stuff happened, and I can't help but feel I caused it... what have I done?


Your not seahorsewerehorse. U have the same name and the HS forum doesn't allow that.


I'm not allowed to post on my other account so i had to make a new one


Oh, you did nothing to my knowledge. I wasn't around.


Wait you actually know who I am? lol


Yes, I looked at some of your flagged posts and read about you from other people.


Also can we be friends?


What'd other people say? Also all of my posts were flagged because of my suspension

Yeah we can be friends btw! :D


That you were very helpful. Here's a link. http://forum.gethopscotch.com/t/what-happened-to-seawolfwerehorse/22503/12?u=therealblah


Here's another post.


Few tips. Because the forum updated. You now have to < > instead of < to hide a post.




Yey! U did it! Awesome!


Yeah, I actually brought that trick to the forum if anyone remembers lol

(Btw I might run out of posts for today soon)


HI @seawolfwerehorse!!!!! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH OMG!!!! Glad to have you back buddy!!!! :DDDD


Oh, well I didn't know that. @Rainboom told me about it.


Hey @seawolfwerehorse! Welcome back to the forums! May I ask, why are all of your old posts flagged?


Then edit this post constantly.


It happens when someone gets blocked


I read the "what happened to seawolfwerehorse" topic and got the answer. Are you on HS and what is your username?