What has images done to Hopscotch? (Negatives and Positives)


The newly added feature on Hopscotch


Images has caused many different projects to happen and has a sparked a new generation of coding in Hopscotch

So I want to discuss the negatives and positives of images being added. Believe it or not every feature has its negatives as the developers sometimes can't please everyone.

Images have some negatives too. I'm mostly talking about the creativity of some people before images try to make their OWN image like creations. For example emojis, people has used to emojis to bypass images as they didn't have images at the time. If you bought the subscription to images emojis and reasonably useless. This ruins the whole "emoji community" as a whole. Emojis can barely live on now as some people can't use the subscription, but it's mostly dead. Next negative output is the now useless characters hopscotch made for us. These default characters are now really useless because we can add our own character we either drew or picked up. Their is no point in having these characters anymore and just ruins them in general. This one is a really bad thing that happened. SHAPE ART! Images now just decrease the use of shape art for the detail. Shape art and Kawaii art (that's made of shapes) are now going to decrease! Most people are going to use images not shape art for their projects. They will probobly only use shape art if that's the whole project in whole. So Rip shape art. Logos.. Not Legos but Logos. Take @CreativeCoder's old Undertale logo. That thing has like 400 shapes and their all used perfectly. Now with images these logos are going to be dunked in the trash. Most people won't even try to make a 400 shape logo thing that takes like 6 hours. This ruins the whole "logo making" community. People might only do it if they want to make hard earned logos not just use an image. But a solution to this is to draw your own logos but still making logos on hopscotch is not that hard anymore and people specialized into it. Not everyone could make a logo. That's all I can think of things images could do that's negative. Fell free to discuss/debate against my opinion. Yes this is my opinion :D


Their are a ton more positives than negatives here so be ready! Images add the thing a lot of people had problems with. Custom characters! Now of you try to add Sans from undertake it will look exactly like it! Also we can now make better quality games! Images help make it exactly same looking which equals better quality looks and code. Your asking why better quality code? Well let's say you have a guy with a sword. You can make him use a sword slash image for better coding! These can turn to make easy RPG games that look really great and can play! Now let's on to ANIMATING! With images you can use the frames to make animations! You can draw the frames on a different app and use it on Hopscotch! If your a great drawer and you feel drawing got ripped apart by images, you can animate! Animation takes a lot of patience so put some hours aside of your day to try it. Images also take a whole new level of avatars and logos. I recommend a website called Textcraft.net which customizes your text to any kind of font you want. You can use this website to make your own project titles than the boring normal text. Another major thing that images adds are sprites! Sprites are the old kinda style of characters with pixels and are mostly portrayed before images as pixel art. Before they were almost impossible to move as they were little tiny dots of leave of trail. The leave of trail block's trail was not a object therefore can't be moved. Now with images you can grab or make a sprite using Hopscotch or a another app to make them animate or in games. An example is Mario. You can make get a background level then use Mario and everything else as sprites. Now we don't have to use cheeky text art for our sprites. Undertale and Mario are great examples for uses of images. So be sure to try to make those of you have no ideas. Also waiting on a full animation which will be really cool.

I hope this topic doesn't die out or anything because I spent a lot of time on this. Well hope to see you again :D!

-Still trying to convince my parents to get subscription :P gotta wait a little more time. -Razor

The Hopscotch 7 o'clock News w/anyone

I think trail artists were hit the hardest. I mean, everything only a trail/text artist could do can now be done with just a picture by anyone.

time to think about game ideas


Another negative outcome is that people now domt code as much. You can code a chair, but now people ise images. Thwy can trick anuone who doesnt play the oroject to see if its am image or not.

Also, THT is now featuring the project witht he least amount of code, and putting it on featured becuase of the images. Now, with images, people are just using it for everything, amd irs kind of annoying.

Just speaking m min. :D


I have like 12 ideas for positive :P

Gotta do my homework! Catch'a later


that took like an hour at most XD (my project with pics took way longer than that actually XD)

But yeah, I agree with this. I still like photos, though, as it helped me do something I've wanted to do for a long time—focus more on making games.


I agree. I've seen great coders make stuff that have like two simple lines of code. :0


Overall, I agree. Images do have some negatives, the main one being decreasing the use of trail/shape art. But they also have positives, mostly directed at game makers.

Now projects can have more variety. Before, there was basically two styles of graphics: Hopscotch shapes and emojis/text. Now people can make games, logos, etc. with a more varied graphics style.
It lets people who make games focus less on the complicated graphics/mechanics of the characters (i.e. many many different annoying shapes) and more on the game play itself, making it a more in-depth game.

But it's true, trail artists and shape artists have been hit harder by the update than most others. However, they can keep doing what they're doing with their own styles. People who really care about coding and not just posting pictures can still appreciate the work that when into their projects, and can still learn from their code. People may not want to make a image background, they might want the feel that comes from trail art, and trail art alone.

Basically, like everything, images are both good and bad. We just have to adapt to it.
Personally, though, I'm for images because I enjoy making games and now... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS!


Yup I'm getting to the positives :D.

It will be like 3 times bigger then the negatives.


I agree! I'll bookmark this so I can finish reading it, but I see your point :smiley:


Ok yey I'll post here too XD :D


  • OH MY GOSHNESS you can make pretty much anything now!1!!1! :D
    Anything you couldn't make with text or trails can now be brought into your projects. Hopscotch is about making anything you want, and images really brings it to the next level. :smiley:
    ^thats all I can think of XD
    But it's huge. It's really awesome :D


  • kind of costly... I can't get it because $8 a month will mostly be wasted, I'm way too busy now ;-;

  • maybe less originality? Images can either encourage lots of creativity or none at all. But I've seen some really awesome, creative projects made with images and I really love what people are doing with this :D

I agree with everything @Caramel_Puffin said! :D

I think this update is awesome. You can do so much with it- possibilities are really endless :D


I don't have the subscription service, but can gifs be used if they are saved to ones device? That would be a positive for gamers. But really, trail artists DID take a big hit on their projects


I'm adding the positives right now! I hope this topic doesn't die too soon


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