What has happened to the forum?


So, this interesting. Eight year suspensions, four yeat suspensions, and honestly sometimes it seems like the entire forum has become one big flame war. People are hurt, I know that, I can't imagine how @CreativeCoder feels. I just want to know... What happened? I was gone for a whike because family, friends, weddings, other stuff, but coming back to the forum in such a terrible state is just saddening. I don't have my membership anymore, and I doubt I will be getting it back, and everything that has happened is just really upsetting.


First like and post!!
I don't think anyone knows... We just change.



Does anyone know what Friendship got banned? I miss her...


Communication outside forum.
We all miss her.



People still ask me to go on Docs and they don't get banned. Plus, an eight year suspension seems just a TAD much. Just a TAD.


A lot happened

MagmaPOP left (were you there for that??)

OS, LP, PT and AN left

Some other people left too

Also XMM came back, and SWWH might be back?? But idk it might be a fake acc bc SWWH was banned


No she got an eight year suspension coz u can't giv bans so they picked the longest time allowed as they had warned her about outside communication loads already !


I was there when MP left, why did everyone else leave?

And who is PT?


Pt is poptart and they all left coz of rows and bored of hopscotch the normal stuff


I think LP and OS just moved on I'll give you the links to their topics one sec



XiaoMiaoMi came back. Dats gud.

But this forum is a total wreck.
And now always will be.


Ok so

LP's topic

OS' topic

AN's topic (careful some stuff went down and it was closed

PT's topic


You can get banned lol


Oh someone said u couldn't so they did that?


I like how nobody noticed my topic


@MobCraft that was the first post in 6 minutes. What topic do you mean?


That was actually her. I recognize her tone of voice clearly. Before talking to other Hopscotchers was banned, she told me that she makes a lot of alt accounts. Like she said in her post, why she's not back here today is because she doesn't like making tons of accounts. :slight_smile:


y tho


Why would creative coder feel bad? What happened?


Blue dog wanna collab?