What has happened to da forum?


Alright, recently there has been a lot of drama on the forums. It all started with the so called "Dark Days" where all of the leaders got demoted, and most of them left. Then, there was a problem with the court topic involving a pm, gossip, and a few other things, which made a certain person who will not be named very mad, starting a chain reaction of self loathing and sadness. So can everyone PLEASE stop with the drama? It's not a bad thing to talk to people about your problems, but do it with your parents, and not with people who are pretty much the same age as you who you probably barely know, so we can make the forums a happy place again. :slight_smile:

Stop the drama



Stop the drama, be happy. That is exactly what should happen.


It will probably stop... don't quote. And if you do quote, don't post anything about it. NOTHING.


Yeah, ever since the weekend there has been A LOT of drama. :anguished:


I largely agree. Mainly because its all my fault.


Don't blame yourself! It may be true that you played a part in it, but don't put all the weight on your shoulders.



If you really feel that way, there's nothing I can do to change your mind.

   It all started with the so called "Dark Days" where all of the leaders got demoted,

Actually, it started even before that, when PT and ANON said they were leaving. An i wish all the drama would stop too - but there is just so much going on. Idk what do do...


You can ask anyone. Topic don't get completely shut down all the time you know. I literally got a message saying that my topics were shut down, and that they were deleted from my account. Not just closed. SHUT DOWN. That says something. It all happened because I yelled at @KayKay. (Virtually yelled. Like this. "BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!! THIS IS JUST AN EXAMPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!") I was so mad at myself and it cause a lot of stuff to happen. I feel so bad about it. I'm really sorry @KayKay.


KayKay's account was blocked. It means I can't reply on that account. It's okay though, I like YouTube, and I know I can count on THT to reply to my emails. Liza says she knows I'll find something else to do with my time or something like that. Do you wnat a screenshot?


I'm the whole cause of this thing! I'm so sorry kaykay!!! :sob: it's not everyday your topics (two of them to be exact) gets shut down... :sob:


What do you mean by someone shut it down


There's no drama when looking at confused cats cause they don't even understand the drama.

Chill people. Y'all are making a big deal over nothing.


Liza literally removed the two topics from existence. They're not even on my account anymore.


Nooooooo I am not in the giant list oh well LOL Well I should not be in it anyway I have no supporters all my likes I either traded or they are my friend well have a happy day​:grinning::grinning::grinning:


The list is the OMTL. (Official mass tagging list) You have to add yourself onto it. It's not just someone being mean to you. I can tell you how to get on it! It's not hard. (But if you add yourself on you will get tagged A LOT!) @ValueGamesStudio


Oh so I Tap the pencil okie thanks for telling me


You're welcome!


Wait why won't it work how do you add yourself? Am I stalking you? LOL