What has been recently going on in Hopscotch?



Hi guys,
If you have not noticed, I have been very inactive on Hopscotch…
I was wondering what has been going on for the past 6-9 weeks
I may be back soon though!!!
Also go check out my new art website


YAY!! Many things have happened since the last time you were on.


3rd one


@Jazz, maybe we could leave these topics open but them in the FAQ category?


If you feel that is more beneficial to the forum, sure. Thanks for the appeal! :sunglasses:

opened #8


I mean that’s what the category is for. Nothing in FAQ should be removed because it’s been asked before.

closed #10


Actually…I’m gonna close it again. The owner of the topic requested it. Sorry. I forgot until I looked at the last post. User requested three topics closed that day!


Ok, if a user has requested it to be closed than that’s ok, but otherwise it should probably stay open (unless there is some inappropriate stuff in it)