What happened? Who did this?



I remember when this place was actually a good source for learning new code. Only 3 more days until my anniversary, there's a massive war with a free guest account that people are taking advantage of. You know what, I'm sick of this. I don't like how everyone is always fighting now. What happened? Who did this? Why?



The forum has changed!

Every second it has been changing

Because of us


I'm ashamed at the anonymous people on the guest accounts who are posting those horrible things. This place is for coding and a few slightly-off topic topics.

People on here have feelings, and these people who are taunting us don't get that.

The accounts were made to have fun, but others are taking advantage of that. We need to get this forum back into a coding place, not somewhere where people insult one another.


People argue. That's just life I guess. If we struggle against the "drama" and "fights" nothing will be resolved. There will just be more debates. Like @Sweetlina said, we change the forum. And, I would expect, that we have the ability to change it back. We are just so wrapped around the fact that there is drama we don't think about how to fix the problems we've caused. If you think too much about negative things it will feel like it's impossible to achieve the positive things. I'm not pointing fingers, but if anyone wants to resolve whatever happened (I honestly have no clue. I haven't been on much) then we all need to be aware that there's a resolution to this problem. It just takes some cooperation.


I don't know why people do such a thing to a free account. It's horrible, those people should be banned, it's immature and irresponsible.



I totally agree.