WHAT HAPPENED?!?! (Trying not to sound conceited.)



Before you read on, just to let you know I'm not trying to sound conceited.
Before I took a much-needed break from the drama and hopscotch, I was fairly known around town. I would get 20 likes, sometimes even 40! Then people started unfollowing me. @KayKay @WitnessTheLitness hates me now, but I'm ignoring all the hate of that sort. So now, when I post, I get around 6 likes! My username is Smiling Sunshine, if you wanna follow me... :wink: :joy: I might post, but seriously, what's going on??!


Maybe you were away too long?

Welcome back


That's what I was thinking. I need a comeback project. Ideas?


Idk ask @happyfacegirl?

Maybe make a game or something?


I follow you! I just don't really like remixes so I just pass through those in my following tab.


I try not to post remixes. And oh yeah! I follow you I think?! Can we be friends? You're really nice :3


Me neither on remixes. Yes we can be friends! I remember you before you took a break. I think we were friends before your break, I can't remember.


Hmmm well let's be friends again :joy:


I don't hate you. You must mean collaborator 1 on this account.


I don't hate you, Gracefulicing1


Seriously, we know who you are. @KayKay and @CodingCupcake123


So? I never said anything about that.


TheRealBlah, it's not a big deal.



Well this may help...

(Thanks @kvj)
I would suggest making something that nobody else has made tho, if you want it to stand out. Also, make a bright title screen, so it catches ppls attention :wink: good luck!