What happened to THT’s profile?


Just noticed something strange about THT’s profile:

The Hopscotch logo is gone, and all letters are lowercase.

@Liza @Rodrigo @awesomeonion


Strange? Oh and @Liza if someone someone created an acount called The Hopscotch Team and you weren’t able to make yours TheHopscotchTeam you can easily change your name back by coping and painting TheHopscotchTeam


No, that’s their real account.


Sorry about my grammar lol I meant that if someone was able 2 make a separate acount name The Hopscotch Team


Wait! I just realized they follow you!



I see the logo & capital letters when I look at it.

Though maybe it was fixed since you posted…


Same they probably did


Yea oh how do u guys like this wip?


It’s noice


That will be the 3rd screen (after the loading screen and main menu)


Its been replaced it has capital letters and the logo now!


Must be a glitch… I hope THT knows


Why was this flagged


I first thought that this only was happening to my iPad with a really old Hopscotch version and I was just about to point this out, but now I see that this is affecting all Hopscotch App versions.

As multiple users pointed out, this should be fixed now (I’ll check that).


I’m guessing because it’s off topic or because it has weapons and somebody got upset from seeing them.


Well it’s fixed now, I think.


Lol kids get triggered over emoji wea.pons



Changing guns to water toys is not going to end terrorism


They didn’t do it to end it because of course it wouldn’t just end it there