What happened to the "invite" space?


I tried searching it, I couldn't find it

Can someone tell me about the "invite" space in the forum? I wanted to invite my friends to one of my topics, but I don't see it! Can someone plz tell me what happened?




There's been a topic for this already, I'm sure THT has reasons. One may be because of PMs and they don't want people inviting each other to them, but I don't know.


I don't know....


I'm sorry I coundnt find it
And what is a PM?


Private message.

And it's okay, I'm not sure where I saw the topic.


but wait I thought PMs weren't allowed


A moderator can temporarily open one so you can share passwords for a collab.


I realised that. But I think without the invite button, I'll live :3


Well then, just tag them.