What happened to the Hopscotch Forum?


Ok. Most of you don't know me, and that's because I was very inactive since April or May. I just came back to the hopscotch forum since I was looking at my old emails and I found the link to the Hopscotch forum..


I spent about 45 minutes trying to figure out what the heck happened to the forum.

So I gathered up information (correct me if I'm wrong). Apparently, I guess some of the leaders did some pranks or bad stuff with the account called @Hoodie_Monster. And I noticed that a lot of people are quitting.

I will sadly quit hopscotch AND the forum for good.

I just don't understand what went wrong! This is almost like... ermm.... I actually can't find a word........supercalifragilisticexpialadouciously wrong!

So that's part of the reason why I will be leaving, even though I lost interest in coding and in Hopscotch months ago.

I guess it's about growing up.

I'm in seventh grade now, I'm twelve years old. I'm no longer interested in any type of coding program.

So I guess this is goodbye.......

And what actually happened to the hopscotch I knew two years ago?!?


There were no pranks done with @Hoodie_Monster. I'm not exactly sure why it wasn't allowed.


Alright, thank you for clarifying.


So basically, Liza demoted the leaders and mods. Now the only leaders is THT themselves. Now all 3 of the mods quit, along with 1 leader. ;n;


So like...

magmapop left around the beginning of summer

LP, OS, PT, and Anon left a few weeks ago which lead to some HS/F'ers leaving

Yesterday, Liza demoted all the leaders/mods that weren't THT to regular, leading to all the mods and one of the leaders to leave which also caused some HS/F'ers to leave alot of HS/F'ers to be upset


I'll post the links in a sec


Yeah, I heard about @Kiwicute2013 leaving because Liza demoted her and some other things.... I'll miss you kiwi :cry:




Yeah, and then BuildASnowman, Gilbert189, PopTart0129 also left. ;-;


Oh my gosh! I will really miss them :cry:


GiraffeDolphin26 left also


Yeah, me too. I've been really depressed about it for the past day or so. ;n;


Lately the forums haven't been much about coding


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Anonymous' topic (careful some stuff went down and it was closed)

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Thanks so much Avocado! I'm really gonna miss the community!



friendship was suspended but she came back on a different account (which was ok, her other account hasn't been suspended)

XiaoMiaoMi left (idk if you were there or not?) and came back

Seawolfwerehorse was banned, but she came back on a different account (which was also ok)

Rawrbear left/was suspended (i wasn't on much during april so i dont really know what happened) he came back, i think he left again? Im really not sure. And then he came back again


No porblem frendo :D

Yeah, me too, ;-;


Woah! Things are really changing nowadays... huh?



It's kind of amazing how dramatic a website filled with 9-14 yr olds is


Sorry If people already said this, but basically Liza demoted all the leaders and mods, so all the mods and one leader left. That caused more people to leave, which in turn is causing more people to leave. So now the forum is sad. Everybody is making topics to cheer each other up. The forum was way different two days ago before they were demoted