What happened to the drawing topic? (Drawing Topic 8 and 10)


@SmilingSnowflakes @hitokage @bluedogmc-official


Yah TTF(the true Frosty) had a drawing to post!it probably looks amazing


Ah. @bluedogmc-official, are you on?


Thank you, SmilingHitokage (⌒▽⌒)



I'm on, yes. Should we wait for lazy lizard, or should I make it? Idk, I don't want @LazyLizard to be mad..


Just make it for now, and if she does, explain the situation to her or blame it on me


No don't make it!!!!!




She said if she's not on..

Idk I won't


I think it would be okay if you do, I'm sure LazyLizard wouldn't be mad! She's a really calm and mature person. (⌒▽⌒)
She kinda entrusted it to you. I think this is all still in a working process of deciding, so you can try this out, and if things don't work out, it's okay. We're still getting settled with this. (^_^)



Ok! Yeah that's fine!


So I should? I'm so nervous to because I don't want everyone to hate me


I think it's okay to make it XD

And @Dolphin_coders , why do you have the same profile picture as me? XD


Hmm I like it! But it's not my PFP, your iPad must be glitching @DrCrazyChicken


She was just seen 5 hours, so I'll wait. If we don't hear from her in a few days, then I will!


You won't get hated! You didn't get hated for making a second drawing topic sooooo.....


You made the last two, Bluedog, and most people were fine with it. No one will hate you! I'm sure of it, there's no reason to. (^ν^)



Some people got mad.., ehehh....


"why do you people think this is funny internet trolls" well i'd like to say the same to you

i mean why do people think the "stalking challenge" stuff is funny honestly

if you caused all the havoc and off-topic-ness in the first place, don't complain about other people getting upset at you for you being totally unrelated to the topic in the first place

that is why we have the "spam" category when flagging, you know.


They are not allowed to make a DT, you are so go for it.