What happened to the drawing topic? (Drawing Topic 8 and 10)


make a vote on your phones now


Don't tell me
That Drawing topic 10 is gone
flips table


Whoever's next on the drawing topic list, probs
I want one in peace
We still have drawing topic 11 nvm


no that one deleted too i'm pretty sure


Yeah, it also got deleted. ;-;


Yeah, I tried to find it, and it disappeared. I checked my notifications, and it didn't show anything for it. I can't find the unofficial drawing topic 11, unless it got deleted too?


Yeah I believe the only one that survived was topic 9


Yeah I was just in that topic :slight_smile:


Why are all the art topics deleted now


Where's @SmilingSnowflakes she hasn't posted in like a month @pingu


Pingu hasn't posted in a while either. :0 I wonder why


Wait is this actually the drawing topic? I thought we were on topic 12?


no, this was when topic 8 and 10 suddenly dissapeared, so I made a topic addressing it


Oh…well I am not good at drawing at all XD…ok maybe on Paper but that’s it