What happened to the drawing topic? (Drawing Topic 8 and 10)


what was lazylizard's final statement on drawing topics again?


at least it was cringy, at least it was cringy.


Welp, I still got the badges in Topic 10, but the posts are gone _ φ(・_・

Edit: Nah...the badges from the topics deleted are gone too... crii mah hard work is gone


draws grave but finds no topic to put it in


Really devastating (; —; )ノ


Welp, we can't make an official one unless @LazyLizard? or @bluedogmc-official makes it ;-;

? XD I forgot if it's LL or not


*sits back and tries to relax*
Gotta wait...
no wait..
Wasn't there a topic 11 reserved right?


i think so i'm not sure !


LazyLizard said that she will make the drawing topics and that she will have a backup person (? I think she removed this in a later revision of her post.) (No-one's been chosen yet). (^_^)


Huh. I'm pretty sure that's not made official, though. No one'll go there anyway @_@...


Huh, then that's probably LazyLizard?


*sits back and Trying to relax once again*

I'll try to be patient then. ;A;
I have a pile of papers in my art folder.. need a new one anyways XD

Oh ye, gtg


Well, bai..
Drawings have no place to be famous in for now (;-;)


Someone put the drawing topic in lounge. Who? Why?


I don't see it in lounge?


y'all ..........


It walked away


It's been deleted


Oh. ;-;

Thanks for telling me!

I wasn't sure what happened


so who's gonna make the new one without everyone having a fit