What happened to the drawing topic? (Drawing Topic 8 and 10)


OOOHHHH thanks for telling me! XD
omg I thought you were @Waffle_draws HOW AM I SO BLIND?!?!? ;O;


"@ y'all: Part 2"

okay so there have been a number! (whoo boy a Number) of people freaking out about who makes the Drawing Topics, of which a point has been brought up: LazyLizard (not tagging because i think she's going to be totally overwhelmed by all the tags) made a topic where people could "sign up" to be the creators of future drawing topics.

the topic is here, and free to view! ^^


I chose Waff because people would get confused easily–we both have "Waffle" in our names!


Wafflez are still better than pancakes, though, that's for sure! XD


I like both, but waffles have abs dude


Bigger abs in ze toaster... 🤤
Hmm.. everyone says pancakes are better than wafflez in my old school.. idk here.


it can be a bit annoying, to have to read the usernames instead of distinguishing them through pvps


I think that's the point??




I think it is, point taken, they'll be more confused because most people here are visual learners (hence the drawing topic and hence this topic's title)


Hah, well, I'm a logical/kinesthetic learner. So. And visual learners can read well too, so...


Oh wait, wrestling will be taken out of the Olympics, whoops... oh well, those abs won't come in handy, then.


Moreover pictures, not reading stuff.






waffle, waffle, waffl-E
waffle, waffle, waffl-E


Saw dat edit lol

waffle, waffle, waffl E
*dab on 'em pancakes
waffle, waffle, waffl E


It's not about learning for me, but when reading s topic and scrolling through;
it's easier to just glance at pvps. The challenge has gotten a bit out of hand though, as it spam flags(?) closed the drawing topic


I don't live in Canada, for starters.


Should I change mine? -o-;