What happened to the drawing topic? (Drawing Topic 8 and 10)


Have Fun!


That's awesome :D
I can't believe topic 8 got closed ;-;


Sorry I think this is my fault


What did you do?????


I posted two of the spam comments oopsies

Sorry guys ;-;


I'm pretty sure it's HeiHei


? Why?



No unfortunately @LazyLizard and @bluedogmc-official are gonna make them, if you make it people will be mad at you, it's for your own good


Just dont, srsly......... People will Rage


Lazy lizard specifically said her or me will make the topics. Lazy lizard makes the rules.

Also she was here a few hours ago, so she is active.




It looks really cool :0
Stop being negative


Wow another one

They flagged my snipperclips so


I made le art topic!
Yay. Another topic to be closed due to flags


Whoa for a moment I thought this was the previous "Topic 8" Drawing thingy

But when I looked at the current posts (215)
I was like: whoa did the posts decrease or something??? (`・∀・´)

And then I realized: urrr.... I'm so foolish ⊂((・x・))⊃ this is a new topic..
also did something particular happened? Like twinning or something? XD because I see
Hitokage with SmilingSnowflakes 's Profile. And Dolphin_coders with
t1_hopscotch 's profile
(Too lazy to add @ on the usernames XD)


Ikr i was like that too


Welp, let the drawings flood in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! °O°

Edit: wait we have a Topic 9 now... waaat


@ yall impersonating @colorlesscanvas for the stalk challenge or whatever

if you guys had looked at all, she has said clearly that she does not want anyone to save her art.

this includes her profile picture.

please respect her wishes like a decently polite person. :))


Yup! It's for @Snoopy's challenge.