What happened to the drawing topic? (Drawing Topic 8 and 10)


so, i was inactive, so when i got back on, i saw that the "oops this page disappeared or is private" thing. what happened while i was gone? all the data from it looks to be deleted, and looks like it has no access back to it.

am i the only one?

Drawing on Paper on compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 7 [OFFICIAL]
W-what is this? (My topic disappeared)
Drawing on Paper on compared to an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) Topic 7 [OFFICIAL]

Huh... I can't see it either. ;-;

All my badges from that topic are still there, but the name and stuff under the badge is just gone... it's so weird. :00


I can't seem to find it either. ;-;
That's weird.

I just finished a drawing too.


Same here ;-;

And all of my notifications for it disappeared


@liza halo


I still have the badges too but that's all ;-;


Exactly! I just found out too!


@CatWithABrush, this is the topic


no, you aren't… look:

they are from my drawings...


Where did it go.


Yeah I have the same problem. ;-;


well then, who's on the list for making the next drawing topic???


Its happened to me too.


@Artistic_cat is
I believe idk


same here ;-;


I volenteer to tribute
(To make the new one)


Im gonna make it now.


No, theres a list LazyLizrd made of who will make the next ones.
And no one should make one now just incase its a temporary glitch and it comes back.


@Elemental_Cat there's already a really long waiting list for people wanting to make it.


@Elemental_Cat you aren't allowed to. STOP