What happened to the app?


What happened to Hopscotch? All of a sudden the app can’t function as well as it did 2 weeks ago. Ever since the we got an update for the Halloween characters return, the app has been mega bugged.
First we had issues with conditionals working improperly causing the code to not run the conditionals, and on top of that, the update that was released today, specifically deleted one of my projects Business Simulator, which I worked on really hard. Is there a fix to this? I know they just fixed the conditionals bug but now project deletion. I probably can’t even get it back…
A side note, for some reason you have to be older now just to share and email projects, I could put in my birthdate and be old enough, nope, they increased restrictions.
There are probably more bugs I haven’t encountered yet, but I don’t understand how this happened, and how it specifically targeted one of my projects.
Anyways, if this has happened to you please let me know, if you’ve encountered other bugs list them here.


Yea my game is xtra slow and laggy


Just message the hopscotch team. There’s a good chance they can set your account back to when you still had the project.


I did don’t worry


Yeah. When I first downloaded Hopscotch in 2015 it was great, but with the updates it just got laggier. It’s sad. :’(
And I’m not sure if this happened on any of my projects yet.


Everyone, Ana has emailed me back saying that she has notified the team and are seeing what they can do, also other than that, this update is good, it fixes my one main issue, control blocks have been fixed


Makes sense, because I’m always putting in a joke birthdate, but they also changed it so that I can’t type 0001 or 0045 anymore. The new limit is probably years 1898 to 2000. So you probably need to be 18. But whatever. But seriously, I’m not 1100+ years old, I’m 11.


Yea I just thought I’d mention it while I was at it