What happened to @seawolfwerehorse?!


@seawolfwerehorse's posts are 'hidden' and she/he has no activity anymore..

What in the world happened :frowning:

Did he/she get banned?!


Yes, she got banned


Yes she/he did


FOR WHAT :open_mouth:


Being rude and stuff
She's been banned for over 3 months


It's a she


Oh :frowning:

Can you give me the link to the post where she was rude, if it still exists?


I got her email before they were banned


It exists but it's unlisted


mkay then o3o



She got banned....
I miss my friend :sob::sob:


She's gone now, but let's not talk about her behind her back. She was very helpful, though!

What have I done

I thought she left or something :p
Do bans stop? (Like suspensions stop)


Bans are toggled by the mods and admins


I thought she left for awhile!


Idk why I'm back lol

Not to stay tho


Y not? School? What?


Too lazy to keep creating accounts (because tht will probably keep banning them) and also bad memories :confused:


I don't know mods. By this point, I kinda forget what she did, and it's been a while too. Can't wee just let her come back?