What Happened to RenegadeBird?



If you look, it shows that she hasn't played in a little on forum (But I am not sure about hopscotch)

Does anyone know?
She was a really good friend, and It makes me sad to see people leav.e


I think it was a vacation or something


(nice profile pic XD)
Oh. OK...


Maybe the bio will tell


Well she was here on August 3


thanks @MobCraft


I beleive she changed her username. @RenegadeBird1 either that or she has two accounts now and is only using one.



Plus her name was like SapphireBird


@RenegadeBird1 had a school iPad, so she can't get on Hopscotch anymore. Her school is replacing the iPads with Chromebooks next year, so she won't be able to be on Hopscotch at all unless she gets her own iPad. :frowning:

Here's the topic:


Sorry guys... didn't think you guys would worry that much ;u;
@Anonymous can explain :P