What happened to my Topics?



Um, Something happened to my forum account. I came on and my topics were gone. Does anyone know how to fix this? Thanks!

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Did you put any posts in #random-stuff? It's locked for basics


yeah they were both there...nooo!


It's ok. Just stick around for a few more days :slight_smile:


This is what happened:
T1, our community intern, locked the category #random-stuff for Basics. But, Basic is a trust level, so if you keep replying, liking and reading, you will be able to access the category soon. You can also ask @t1_hopscotch or a regular to move it out from Random Stuff for you :slight_smile:


So that is what the lock meant.


@t1_hopscotch can you check if im locked at member? thanks


I can take them out of random stuff if you want


Thanks so much!:grin:


Ok I took them out! Can you see them now?


no, but its ok! i'll just wait until I move up


ok now I can see them! Thanks!