What happened to my Hopscotch account? (Please Look)


So, I can't sleep because dysphoria and all that good stuff...
I downloaded Hopscotch again, and I couldn't log in. Made a new account, and someone hacked me.
Renamed my account to Sparkczy is gross and took down some of my projects, and they made a rude post about me.
I'm gonna try and fix this. But I didn't set that account up with an email. Maybe I can log back into my account again, they can't have changed the password. Either way, I'm mad.


First like and first reply !

Sorry about what happened ! I hope it can be fixed ! I know how you feel !


That's really not helping me out right now. -_-




Look, I need help right now, not sarcasm and posts about likes and replies.


Sorry ! What can I do to help then ?_


I don't know, I just need to think. I got back in my account, but I don't know what to do...


You got back into the account? Or no?


Ph no! You should email the Hopscotch team and change everything back. D:


Hmm...that's a bad person to be messing around with your account :confused:


Make another account with your email.


If you get into the account or not email THT and inform them on what happened
Next apologise to the ppl and explain what happened
Then start trying to work out who did it but don't get to offensive and be reasonable and maybe they might come clean

I hope this helped