What happened to join date?



So about a week ago, I went into my hopscotch account and found this:

I started in September! No lie!! What has happened to me?


Wow. Glitch. @Ian @Liza


weird bugs happen all the time, there aren't really enough beta testers to find out all of the glitches, and when you patch one glitch, or, say, enhance the built in search engine, weird unexpected things can happen, I don't know what else to say


First if all, their are some glitches with the time frames. Second of all, what version of Hopscotch is this???? You should update your Hopscotch.


This glitch is old, but some glitches came back when the Hopscotch Team was fixing stuff. And @Phase_Studios is right: if you can, update Hopscotch! That must be a really old version if there are three projects to a row.


For some reason, I can't update it, I don't know why. But Thanks for the info!


From now on, I think I'll play hopscotch on my other iPad. That ones updated


Hey @Lightningstrike! This was a bug from a previous version of Hopscotch and we've since fixed it. As @Phase_Studios mentioned, you can update to fix this bug and get some other cool new stuff. i'm not sure why you wouldn't be able to update. What kind of iPad is it and what iOS is it on?


iPad Air, ios 9.1

My mom put restrictions on, so I can't get to da App Store or update.


Ooh, that makes sense, then. Have you asked her if you can update Hopscotch? We've got some pretty cool new features. If she has any questions, let her know that we'd love to answer them! She can email us at support@gethopscotch.com


I started in February! Also, do you have the new update? Your profile is a few updates behind


It's just an inside glitch, it happened to me too.


Same I have restrictions ARGGHH
It's so dum.b because I'm almost in DOBLE digits so I should be free
They think I'm going back go buy a bunch of fart sound apps


I know teenagers who buy sfx apps just to say "and his name is John sena!"
I'm surprised the restrictions don't last 'til you're 20


ok! It's updated!!!!


Oh yea, I changed my username. :grinning:


Wow, that was really weird! Glad it's fixed!

I have never seen that!


Please stop replying to old posts.




I found you out