What happened to hopscotch? What happened to the hopscotch I knew?


I mean like, Look at the last couple of featured projects. Splatoon wasn't even finished, and not to mention ha.te accounts and fakers.




Hopscotch is just fine. There was a whole lot of hate and drama back then too, and features weren't always great quality. We're still an awesome community, you know. People have been complaining about this for as long as long as I can remember. XD

That leads into the fact that there are dozens of topics like this, next time please SBYP.

It's awesome that you're concerned about our community, though :D


Wow your right! They have lowered the standards for featured alot
I mean like, some of these are getting like, 60-900 likes
Im surprised i even got featured but that took me about two weeks to make and i made a million changes even after i posted it


What is Sbyp????????????????


It means "Search before you post," which means to look in case someone has already made an identical topic :slight_smile:


Well, at least their giving non popular people a chance.


O. Ops. (ToT) <= tears of laughter


They should make featured something you have to earn again
Right now its like "Oh, Featured! No biggie"
I mean, there still are projects that really deserve it like @Dylan329 s projects
He takes his time on those and makes sure they are good enough for featured or not! He is an amazing coder, so is @aabb1111
Well, gtg
Ill be back on in about 20-30 minutes soooooo yeah
Must take test!


Yeah but featured is like, a goal
When i fist started, it was so difficult to get featured
Now, people just starting who have less skill than when i started are getting featured
They should bump it back up to make it difficult again


Ok. I'm in scoence. Then math. At 12:33. So ye




Ye. I remember when I got on trending. I was so excited.


I think a major problem is that they are now updating featured daily, so more low quality projects appear.


First of all...Please don't single out any specific projects, I know how that feels and it really really hurts.

I understand how you feel about hopscotch.. but now almost every second topic being made is a rant..
Please don't criticise what THT do for their app, they do their very best and that's the best they can do.

There will always be a "best" time in an app and things will always change, sometimes for the better sometimes not so good.

Is anyone else kind of mad?

And the tpoics that aren't rants are general topics.


Exactly the problem..


I completely agree, in most other forums off-topicness is, for the most part, not tolerated. Unless it's a chat room or a discussion about a specific book, film or TV series.


I agree. Though May yh give some examples of "cool features"?


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