What Happened to Hopscotch Projects’ Quality?



Over the past few years since I got the app, I feel like the quality of projects has generally gone down. I feel like much of this could be the community quitting, as well as the fact that there are only 3 or so free video tutorials.

Also, I feel like many tabs, such as featured and trending, aren’t so great anymore. I used to feel that everything there changed the game and was actually inspiring. Now, half the stuff I see there is a game that I could code in 4 minutes (made using 3 images). Also, the trending formula just makes it so art is at the top.

There were a few hopscotchers I remember from when I joined, such as @Madi_Hopscotch_, @CreationsOfaNoob, @SmileyAlyssa, Creativity74, Funky63, Pi Studios, and a few others. Some are still around, but many have left. This could affect the quality of overall projects because many ideas came from these people, and they pushed the limits quite hard.

Am I crazy?

  • I agree
  • Projects have slightly gotten worse
  • No change
  • They’ve gotten a lot better
  • You are crazy

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Well, the Trending algorithm is not perfect an it needs to be worked on. @awesomeonion have said that, which probably means that THT are working on fixing this.


As a curator that is constantly going through all of the tabs and searching for projects, I do think that it is hard to come across a really good project. I’m not sure if it’s all in my head or just from me being gone for so long, but I do think Hopscotch has changed a lot from 2015-2016.


Yeah I intensely agree


Anyone who should be tagged?


I definitely agree. I was semi well known, but at that time, the project quality was decent. After I left though… whew… it has really declined. I think it’s mainly because we have a new generation of hopscotchers and they aren’t as focused on making really high quality, complicated games/projects.


Yeah, the majority are in for rps and remixes


I feel like ive read this topic before… :thinking:


The quality of projects on Hopscotch has gone down? I never would have noticed! I mean, It’s not like people have made topics about this exact same point multiple times before. Thank you for enlightening us on a subject that I has never been talked about before.


Several times.


A day.


For the past two years.


Yes, that’s why I left


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What if THT removed the restart project button for a week? Then people would actually make reset mechanisms.


Okay, I agree with this topic and all, but I’ve seen so many that say the exact same thing. Could you maybe SBYP?

Also: I don’t follow what every single person who says this is posting, so I have no idea what kind of projects you post, but how about making some quality projects yourself? Obviously that takes time and I know that. But maybe if people actually tried making more quality projects instead of just complaining about how there aren’t enough, this wouldn’t be such a big deal.


Or if they aren’t lazy they could have projects restarted using the button just skip any tutorial or whatever


Like my Car Chaos introduction? (Swipe up to skip)


Yeah, recently I’ve been trying to cut down how many “test projects” I do