What happened, so many likes?



l went to hopscotch and this happened! :

there was this project that had 184406744073709551615 likes!


It was probably a hacker, who hacked in extra likes, (that is an unrealistic number of likes)


I know how to do that it's a certain number of taps in a pattern and a certain speed that I'm not telling you
Also I didn't do that one:confused:


It's just a bug, don't worry about it :smiley: It's a strange bug because then when you press the heart button, the number of hearts usually goes to 0.


For that ammount of likes every person in the world would have to have about a million accounts which all gave it a like


I like the logic you are using @GoGoGames1!


this may either be a hack or glitch


Tell me give me the link. I just wanna know. It's time someone gives me respect for my projects around here. If I ask for something, nobody gives it to me after all I've done for them! My BFF has a hard time keeping secrets and she does that on purpose. I told her not to tell anyone my crush and she told some people. I told her not to tell anyone my Halloween costume and she did it anyways. Yet she gets mad when I don't tell her stuff she's like, "If you don't tell me this or that I'm not gonna be your friend anymore." Friendship isn't based on secrets! Anyways, I wanna know how because NOBODY gives me respect whatsoever in my house or my school cause everyone's a bunch so mean-so-mean heads! (I vouldnt say what I wanted to say because it was censored).
And. I don't tell anybody my BFF's secrets. But I told my friend not to tell anyone especially my BFF because my BFF is pretending to like my friend and she doesn't want me to tell her. My BFF gets mad at me for being friends with somebody or liking something she doesn't like, and she judged me by my religion (None, I'm agnostic) because she's Christian or Catholic and I'm not.


It's only a bug the Hopscotch Team hasn't fixed yet. It might or might not appear on your ipad, and just type in the search box "Going down or up".


Oh my. I wish that was mine! Lol


I'm the only one who likes it lol I searched up their user.


How do you do the glitch?


It's fixed, I checked. :wink:


That's happened to me too, I thought they hacked but of course logic comes back and says why would they do that if its not believable


Here's how you do it
Tap the like button rapidly many times until it pops up
That's it


How many minutes? 2020


Just tap the like button rapidly until a big number pops up


Like this?


Yes, did you do that?


OMG I HAVE 18446744073709551615 LIKES
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