What Happened Here?


Dear fellow forummers,

I went on a random topic and I pressed on a person and it said they got suspended for "communication out of the forum"! I don't get what that means, and I would like some explanation! Also, is the Hopscotch system the only one who can suspend people, or can mods do that too?



Communication outside of them forum is no longer allowed because it is not moderated. So you cannot communicate outside of the forum (unless you have a fellow forumer you know in real life and you are friends), and if you do, there are consequences for it.


What does that mean though?


Say, if you share social media and you communicate with another Hopscotcher outside the forum/HS, then that's not allowed.


It means sharing stuff like social media accounts, emails, etc. Accounts where you can chat outside the forum. They're not moderated by THT, so people could say mean or inappropriate things.


That sound really bad
They are in a lot of doo-doo


They were banned.

They broke the rules a bunch if times and those rules are in place for the safety of her and other forumers. Mods found out many times, she got suspended many times for that and never learned, there for they had to ban her.

But it's best not to talk about it, it's like gossiping, and she can still read the forums :wink:
Communication outside the forum isn't allowed anymore becuase it's unmoderated unless you know the hop irl :wink:
Say you share your musical.ly or insta, and chat with a hop on it, that's communicating outside of the forums and HS. People can share their faces, emails, other media, where they live, etc which is against the community guidelines.


It's where you give away your email, Google Docs, Animal Jam.. Things like that. Anywhere outside of Hopscotch where you wouldn't be safe with others that you didn't know!


Basically, you can't communicate outside the forum, for example
you can't say to someone "my Instagram name is ____! let's chat on there!"
"I've got minecraft! Wanna join?! My username is ______!
My musica.ly name ______! my email is _______!
So basically you can't chat to other hops or share social media names...
Because it's not moderated and somebody bad could talk to you and if your face is in it get a LOT of personal information out of you!


Let's say I was on Instagram and I told GreanBeans my Instagram (which is against the rules)

We DMed each other and a mod found out about the communication.
We would get suspended.

It's not safe at all, and they don't want anything bad to happen or the company could get in some trouble. :0