What Happened Here? XD



What happened to @Hiimnew? :yum:

Obviously (and I don't mean to violate anyone's privacy), he asked for this suspension, but why? @Anonymous, you go to his school, would you know?

Thanks :smiley:


Hiimnew is Anonymous


I thought that, but @Anonymous lied and said that it wasn't him :stuck_out_tongue:


I go to @Anonymous school


Really? :0

What happened to Hiimnew? :P




@MrHotdog64 I'm sorry but I kinda feel like that was rude. I was saying that I go to his school and I might be able to ask him why he left.


Basically, Anon wanted to be suspended until 2024 (I have no idea why), but he was suspended for one day instead, and only his Anonymous account was suspended. A few days after, he was suspended until 2020 on all his accounts. His Anonymous account was unsuspended afterwards, but none of his other accounts were.

EDIT: I just noticed this part:


What does "isskntjekskNkdka" mean? And until 2020! What is this mixed up word


That's like a four year suspension that is way cray cray I don't understand

what is going on in my brain

Lack of periods
Not going crazy

Heh heh…


It's jibberish :P


6 year. It's 2014 now.


It's 2016 :D


What is wrong with me?

By brain feels like it's full of marshmallows

My face hurts

Bunnies take over the world
Carrots grow in people's noses
Porcupines ate fluffy unicorns on a Saturday night on a restaurant, wearing a jet pack, going to the moon, listening to copyright music
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Jumbly brain…
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Megladon made out of raisins and snot
Octopi marrying cacti on a Friday morning with a dog hybrid as the preacher
The flowers are made out of poop and growing on a cloud in the ocean guarded by a deranged pig on steroids

What is wrong with me?

Nothing happened today.
I'm silly cause it's raining and I have a volleyball game against a group of wild bananas with the :smiling_imp: face
And another one against super loud, hooligans that wear nothing but bras and speedo tuxedos

My mind is twisted and brilliant


My brain has legit stopped working.


That is wrong person


Why does everyone say that? It's 2014. Lgbot.


What are you talking about?


Hiimnew got suspended until 2020 for some reason...?


Where? I don't see him suspended...


It was from before
And wow you changed your name