What happened guys? / Gone for realz


Hey! Don't remember me! You probably haven't heard of me. I'm from the time of Drawing Topic 2 and 3! I haven't been on for a loooooong time. One thing I must say, what happened? I'm going to get kinda flashback-y, so bear with me. I remember when I joined we mostly (50% of topics that weren't locked) talked about hopscotch, beside from the average general topic or flame war. It was the hopscotch forum. Now its just a forum. With more art then hopscotch. I mean, don't get me wrong, this is a strong forum, just not a hopscotch forum. We'd talk about our projects, and our upcoming ones. I first met @PixelMaster64 and he did what was in his name. But now that is over-ish. If you still play hopscotch, my hat is off to u. And if u have been on since it was created, I take my second hat off.
And because of what I said and what @Gabe_N said, I quit for real. So, yeah.


Hello! Sjhshsgdgsfgshsmmsn


That was for twenty characters.


So you're quitting the forum?
Please, if you respect this forum, you'll stay. Also, if you respect this forum and are still leaving, breathes deeply Go!!
Seriously, these, I'm leavin.g guys topics are flooding the forum, and it's as annoying as HEC-

*clears throat *
Sorry you had that first impression on me, just these topics are my BIGGEST pet peeve.
@KatrinaPlays you can put those random letters into < bfduhfdbvidcetg > those, but without the spaces for the character's rule. Like so-


flame wars and galore


@iReesesCup just a random qwestion wood you liek to come to mai gen topic plz? It's teh 3rd one just so you know bc I have no one to talk to. :(


Why do you still have the mythbusters pic


That's so long ago y


Hello and welcome back! I still use Hopscotch and I try to stay as related as possible! I remember that you were really nice and awesome when you was on, and I think that you will be that awesome if you come back too, so if you leave I will miss you. I hope that Jamie Hyneman (aka @GLaDOS_On_Da_Forum) will take his cap of.