What Grinds Your Gears?



This is a question that anyone can answer. What grinds your gears (makes you mad or ticked off) that is involved with Hopscotch? Here's an example. What really grinds my gears are the role player projects. They are literally everywhere on Hopscotch and usually take 10 minutes or more for a response. If you want to roleplay, do it here on the forum where you don't need to spam it on the Hopscotch app.


When people aren't organized enough while making a project.


When @PotatoLover3 doesnt get on and talk to me anymore


When all someone does is roleplay on a coding app.


Well, when people bad-mouth RPs, and when ppl leave.


All the people who just remix and never code on a coding app ;-;


That is FoxyDJ21
He is my neighbor and one of my best friends irl
He has only had hopscotch for 5 months and i have had mine for over a year and he already has posted 3 times as many projects as i have




That is my friend anikinskywalkeriscool
He is another one of my best friends irl and also lives in my neighborhood and he never codes, only remixes


Well I think people should stop only remixing. It's a coding app, not a remix app :|


Pretty much, and another thing that grinds my gears is the TRENDING. All it is now is remixed art. This isn't instagram, it's a CODING APP.


I know. I like the art on Hopscotch, but I don't think it should flood trending


But i likes the instagram and za art


Some people improve projects when they remix.


Some. Some people actually take the time to remix and show mistake and even branch out to fix the problem, but these drawings need to chill out, there's nothing wrong with them (concerning community guidelines), but they take up an entire category for Hopscotch.


For me, it's the drawings and featured or trending projects that don't deserve to be there.


Yes, I agree. Drawing and coding are 2 different things. There are already a bunch of drawing apps out there. It's ok to draw sometimes, but it's not ok to draw to the point where they are constantly getting on trending.


Correct. I mean @Dylan329's flappy bird pixel draw project was fine, but the remixed art and stories are BONKERS


You mean remixed stories, right?


Yep. You don't know how many people (including me) are pulling their hair out because of it :joy: