What gets a person on Featured or Trending?



I notice that getting on featured or Trending isn't about a lot if likes. how do u get on feat. Or Trending???

How do you get your projects featured?
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I am wondering the same thing. (I had an idea, but I looked and saw that that wasn't they way you get featured or trending! :blush:


To go on trending or featured you need remixes.

How I know this

I have a project that has lots of likes and views (it's called The Most Fun Laptop Ever) and I am not on trending because I only have 1 remix.

So I believe it's about remixes


How To Get On Trending
Having a semi-popular project that is getting a lot of likes in a short amount of time. Basically, if a lot of people like your project in a short amount of time you may get on trending. You may notice that some projects don't have many likes but still get on trending, these are getting a lot of likes quickly. Trending is actually more complicated than this but this is a little break down of it.

How To Get On Featured
If you do something different, new, or it looks like you tried really hard on it, you may get on featured. But there is no controlling it, the hopscotch team chooses who gets on featured.

Hope this helps!:smiley:

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Thanks!!! This really helped me


Hi @HoppingBanana HoppingBanana!

This is a really good question.

We feature a lot of projects each week, and generally try to feature projects that inspire others, make us laugh, or feature some new or impressive coding. We also try to feature projects of a wide range of coding skills, so that beginners can gain some attention and support that would otherwise be focused on all the great projects in Trending. Sometimes we feature things simply because they made us laugh or brightened our day, and we want to share it with the community. We haven't done a good job of explaining this reasoning to the community, though, and we also only see a tiny of fraction of all the projects published every day.

We'd love all of your help making Featured better. Do you have any ideas of how can we improve Featured? How do you find new Hopscotchers or cool projects? If you want, we'd love you help finding new stuff for Featured!

Similar to what @SQUISHY said, Trending is "chosen" by the community using an algorithm that compares Likes, Plays, Remixes, and the amount of time a project has been published for.

Hope that makes sense!

What are the requirements to have a project on Featured?
How to get on featured?
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How do you get your projects featured?

Thanks so much!!!! It helps.


I'm so glad! I got on trending. I made a project to test it out and it worked! ( It only has 3 likes :))


@HoppingBanana Congrats! :smile: :gift_heart:


Wow, you totally deserve that spot on Trending!


Featured:The Hopscotch Team liked your project and decided to put it on featured.
Trending:Other hopscotchers liked your project so it is on trending
Hope this helps:innocent:


@Ian I think that for featured there could be a button in Hopscotch that says "I vote this project for featured" or something like that. Therefore, you can vote super awesome projects to have a chance to be seen more. But, the catch is that you can't do the button on your own projects. Then you and the rest of the team can see them and see if the project should be put there!


@SoapyBubbles This isn't bad, but it loses the concept of featured, featured is chosen by the hopscotch team to show something really awesome that deserves attention. Just by liking a project, you are voting for that project to be on trending, and the more likes, (votes) it get the more likely it's gonna be on trending!


@SoapyBubbles voting is a really great idea and @SQUISHY ah yes I see that is a very valid point!

We could also do rehops like reposts, to share projects with others :smiley:

But it would be great if our favourites on the rehop go to the original project, like they do with reposts on other sites too


That would be cool rather than being on trending or featured we should have a other one called most votes (maybe)


Of community favorites


@SoapyBubbles, maybe that button could be used for trending instead!


So if no one votes for MagmaPOP's project it won't be there? :scream:


Well, I guess you could always vote! @Violetcupcake987


Keep on making great ideas!