What game can I make with this code? (-Madi-)


Hello everyone! I have been experimenting with some code and I created something kind of cool and weird! Does anyone have any suggestions of how I could turn it into a game or some other sort of project?

(In this clip I am dragging my finger across the screen)


Make it a type of worm game where you have to avoid objects.


Haha I was thinking that too! I might do that :slight_smile:


Yeah, that would be pretty cool.
You would have to change the color, worms are not red XD


Something like Flappy Bird except it is from the bottom of the screen instead of the side and you have to drag your finger around to avoid obstacles.


Good idea!
I think the main idea is a “drag and avoid” game.


Yeah! That is what I was thinking


That’s cool! I was thinking a collect game.


How could anyone not notice… SLITHER.IO!


maybe you can make a really cool trail art?




That actually looks just like a snake charmer :joy::astonished:
Lol I didn’t see it before


Snake Charmer trail art!


@KVJ I’m going to try to make that


I saw it immediately and I was like YES




That is what I thought at first too.

That is also an amazing idea!

Yeah, that would also be cool.

I think that all ideas in this topic are really good, so good luck coding the project!


Thanks!! These are all deffinetly good ideas to try!


Yeah, you could combine these 2 ideas into one game.
Collecting something while avoiding obstacles