What Features Do You Want To See?


Hey guys, it's Valgo, I have a question: What do you want to see added to the next update? Let me know in the comments! I'm curious to see what you want. Hopefully the hopscotch team will look at these and choose a few.


There's a lot of topics like this already @Valgo, just to let you know.

I would like to see Hopscotch go on Android the most. I only have a school iPad right now, and since it goes away at the end of the school year it's not ideal for playing Hopscotch on. I also would like to see new characters, so that new kinds of stuff can be created. It's imposible to animate the emojis like you can the Hopscotch characters.


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Hi. @Valgo!
I'm @LotsaPizza and a beta tester.
So, as an answer to your question, here is what's new in the new update!
There are:
-New Characters! Shapes, like arches, illuminatis, squares.
-New Home Page Characters! I am SOOO exited about this one! Cool, abstract shapes and... wait for it... PIZZA! And watermelon. Oh yes...!
-A set color block! No more trouble... :stuck_out_tongue:
-Password reset! What?!?! Now you can't get locked out! Yes!
-New Sign up Flow AND Sign Up+Login Homepage! It is soo cool looking! Like, paint. You can also make multiple accounts. Yay!
Hopefully, the Hopscotch Team won't get at me for spilling the beans... hehe
-LP <3


Do you have any idea when the update is coming out? It sounds really cool.


No, I do not have any idea when it is coming out. I estimate about a month or two, since the beta testers have to look for bugs.


@LotsaPizza That's amazing!


Really? Cool. I want to be on beta.


i want to BLOCK users. it would be my dream come true.


There's Illuminati's. AWESOME!!!!!!!
Tho I thought F4LO started the trend?


Nope! I got it from a YouTuber. Not gonna say, cause some of his stuff is inna pro pro (swears)