What exactly is communication outside of the forum?



p.s. i feel like tht is really strict about this communication thing. they should allow moderated websites and websites where you can report stuff.



I mean, that would be annoying if it was... because my friend left and I can't talk to her irl


Umm...there's been a whole lot of confusion over this. Some things I do agree with, such as Animal Jam being pretty safe, but other things I do not. In Musical.ly, you make completely un-hopscotch-related videos that quite possibly show your face, and I don't believe that any social networking apps/sites are allowed. I think that @t1_hopscotch could help out with this and clear up some confusion. (Thank you t1!)


You just need to keep in mind that this is The Hopscotch Forum, and is meant to be a safe and coding-related place.


Thanks @WynterDiamond for tagging me here :smile:

Yeah I think people have pretty much gotten it – THT is concerned about people being safe. HS YouTube channels have been allowed and for Scratch accounts:

I think communication outside the forum is generally discouraged for safety reasons... Social media is not allowed and game accounts too.

I see it seems like you are eager to share all those accounts with other Hopscotchers @HappyDolphin. I can understand some other places are moderated as well hmm.


I think it's communicating with forum users when outside the forum


If they are coding sites, I agree with you, but I personally feel that the forum should be used for (mostly) code-related things. This could be where some concern is on THT's end.


Okay, thank you guys!


Your welcome!

Here's a basic overview:

Most things aren't allowed except AJ and YouTube but YouTube only if you keep it nice and safe.


But there is another question: why would you need to communicate outside of the forum?


I don't know why. Maybe we should go ask those who have been suspended for that reason. But I don't know.


Sometimes to collab? Idk.


It's friendship2468 who was banned because they shared their musical.ly I think


I do not know what they shared, but yeah, I was them. They have not made that mistake again.


Fantage's safety page
Animal Jam's safety page
ROBLOX's post about safety on their blog
Wizard101's safety page
Pirate101's safety page

So, yeah, these games are moderated and they take safety into pull.

If you share personal info/ask for personal info, bully, etc, you could be banned.

So, yeah, I think THT should consider allowing moderated places.


I was thinking of creating a private classroom on Fantage to play with some Hopscotchers..

I think that any website should be allowed as long as you follow the website's rules and report anything you see. I think that if we're communicating with another forum member on another website and they do something bad, as long as we have screenshot proof, we can email THT and maybe they could ban that person for inappropriate talk on another website.. but I don't know :thinking:


The problem is....that people might not, and THT can't moderate there


Honestly, I think everyone knows that if they can't report, they just walk away or log off and go somewhere else.


Every single website says that "If someone is making you uncomfortable, report them and tell a parent"