What exactly is communication outside of the forum?



Okay, hello there! I'd like the rule "no communication outside of the forum" to be specified. I've seen some people share their youtube channels, but would that be communication outside of the forum? I'm just a bit confuzzled. :slight_frown:

Updating responses for forum guidelines?
Profile information?
Likes, Followers, Views

Well your not aloud to share things that aren't related to hopscotch, although if you share a hopscotch only YouTube channel then that's fine :wink:


I think it doesn't have to be hopscotch-only, it just has to not share any personal information or anything inappropriate


Yeah, well also that it just you can't share things that would have personal information on it or show your face :wink:


I think you can share your YouTube as long as it does not share personal info or your face. I know that someone got suspended for 8 years for sharing either their Facebook or Instagram (I cannot remember which). I know that Google docs is banned and possibly Roblox and Minecraft. I think that Scratch is allowed because it is still moderated.


basically it is don't share any personal information with others on sites other than here

there are exceptions, for example if it's moderated well or there's no chatting feature

  • docs was allowed, but the decision came to ban it in July after moderators realized it was a bad idea
  • youtube is generally allowed, but don't share personal information or break community guidelines (i.e. talking bad of someone in the comments)


Hey y'all are any of these allowed

Minecraft (just made my account, would like to chat with some peeps)
Animal Jam
Fantage (Want to get back into it again)
Xbox Live
3DS (friend codes)
Nintendo Wi-Fi connection/Wii Message Board (Wiimmfi/RiiConnect24)
Switch (Friend codes)
Star Stable
Brainly (Not gonna be back on until August though)


I have communicated outside Forum...


I think the hopscotch team would prefer to moderate comments especially as this forum mostly consists of kids. When we communicate on other platforms, it makes it difficult to prevent cyber bullyin.g and other bad things.


Unfortunately im pretty sure none of these are allowed


I am sorry, but THT has not said that anyone of these are specially allowed, the only thing that is allowed right now I think is HS related YouTube channels.

But it would be great if these rules were specified, yes.


Hehe, about two people already said that you can't share them. I don't think that they are allowed, sorry.


AJ is moderated more strictly than HS, in the chat, you can only type a certain list of words, or else it'll be autocorrected. It won't let you say phrases like "my name" or "in real life"


Would I be banned for talking to someone on HS through ROBLOX or text if I knew them irl? Because I have been doing that.


@Mr.rex @Gobli09 well, that's true of the nonmember levels, many words are filtered out before the player even speaks

however, I believe members have access to freely speak as long as none of their words break a filter (not really sure of this, I haven't seen Animal Jam's member options)

@LavenderArts no you wouldn't be banned

friends you already know in real life are alright, they are your friends


Oh okay. I'll test it out myself, though. Just to make sure.


ROBLOX is moderated.

Animal Jam is moderated.

Fantage is moderated.

Almost everything, expect RiiConnect is moderated


You can't share personal information on most websites listed without getting warned or suspended

If you do it too many times you'll get banned

If you say "My age is ten" on Animal Jam, you'll get warned. Same thing with most virtual worlds.

Or it might pass through, but the message might be blocked in some parts.

You can get warned on ROBLOX, too.


They can say numbers and other stuff, but nobody can say anything like "My Instagram is _____" or "I live on Example Road, 1234 Lane, Example Town, 12345"

Animal Jam's mods are really strict when you share social media outside of Animal Jam, and maybe ROBLOX/Minecraft/other kids virtual worlds (They used to disallow ROBLOX, now they allow it now maybe because of it's popularity)


Also, ROBLOX allows you to give out other social medias if you're over 13, but they block stuff like phone numbers, etc. If your age is under 13 on ROBLOX, they have a really strict whitelist in place