What Emoji Describes you?



Anyōng haseyo!
(Hello in Korean... Heads up, I'm gonna start with that in every topic I create :wink:)
This topic is about what emoji describes you? Meaning your personality, and you have to explain how it shows you and what your personal ities

So mine is :nerd:: Because really, on the inside I'm a kaandere/dandere so I'm socially awkward and a nerd.
...and :neutral_face:: Because people call me unemotional and a dandere
... And :no_mouth::Because most people call me the mysterious girl at school and I would also say that I am... I don't socialize much and I usually cover my face...
Have fun!

A time later....

So I have seen that there are no more replies coming on this topic!

But I have decided to start it again!....

:smirk:-Swag Asian

That's basically all you need to do...
Unless you want to actually explain everything...

Oh well!
Have fun!


Don't worry, I won't flag!
I flag things that are very bad!
Yes some people would decribe me like that too...


I'm probably :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Or :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:. I'm usually crazy and being myself.


Probably this one :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Coz people say I'm funny

Or this one :sunglasses: XD


I'm definitely :nerd: because I'm really nerdy and smart
:yum: because I'm really weird and goofy
:hugging: because I'm friendly
:confounded: because I'm very sensitive
I'll update later :3




I'm :smiling_imp:!

Crazy and evil.


I'm probably these...


Don't forget this!


I am
:confused: Clueless
:yum: Friends call meh funny
:smiling_imp: I get into trouble a lot
:poop: ??????????????


:nerd: I'm a nerd
:thinking: I think a lot
:sob: I can be overreacted at times.


the emojs that describes me are :ribbon::gem::hamburger::heart_eyes::nerd:


Those decribe me!


haha >:D


I am probably :smile: (I like to laugh :3) or :sunglasses: (:P)


I would be :smirk_cat: Because I love cats and I'm fierce, I stand up and I'm confident!
What do you think I would be??


:sunglasses: cus my friends think im cool
:rage: despite that, im short tempered
:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: but im funny as well
:nerd: they say im smart
:airplane: and a guy who loves planes


Lol that's an emoticon!


XD lol