What else do I need to become a regular?



Is it possible for someone to tell you what else you need to become a regular?


What do you have right now, done?


That's what I don't know :l


It's based on:
Days visited
Posts read
Topic viewed

Some other stuff. @Kiwicute2016, any help?


You would have to ask @Kiwicute2016 or a mod for that I think...


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You really fooled me with the profile pic @system!




BuildASnowman can tell you, but for now, try to be on the forums as much as you can, daily even, like until you run out, try to receive likes (but don't beg!), don't get suspended, get as little flags as possible, read as much as you can, post to a couple of different topics (be relevant!), and you should be a regular in no time!


@System is a bot titled moderator who closes topics and makes Lounge topic when a forum human gets Regular titling.
Has tried to close Drawing on Paper compared to on an iPad (shading, shaping, etc.) many times, but is titled as a mean bot.


Yeah, I know, I was saying that I thought System had closed the topic!


@AHappyCoder can say System wanted to close topic but could not because of no flags so mean bot is sad.
Bot close topic


Goodbye topic.