What does your name mean? (On the forum/hopscotch)


WnchantedHopscotcher be aide I'm a Hopscotcher and I lov wizards nf luv animals and yeah laif


Idk but i dont like it either lol


My name is MelodiousParrot because, well, it's a long story. Last year I created my first account, when they still had username suggestions when you first signed up. My suggestion was "MelodiousCornflake". I was like melodious sounds cool but I actually don't like cornflakes. So I thought of something I did like, and that was birds. So my first account was called MelodiousPeacock. I lost interest in hopscotch for about a year until I came on again this May and tried to access my old account. But I was on a different device and hadn't created a login for MelodiousPeacock so I created another account with a different bird name and it just so happened to be MelodiousParrot!

Congratulations if read the entire story, it's very long!


I thought you left.


Lol, that was meh! I left hopscotch for summer, then I came back after. I let EnchntedHopscotcher use my old forum account but then I named this one VanillaBlossom! I had my hs account named EnchantedAnimallover.

My username was my love for animals! Especially cats >.<
So ye. I loved the drawings of pretty mist, which seemed enchanted, so that's how I got my first part! :D And magic o-O and anime was so fairy tail like, so IT WAS AMAZE!!


Oh Hopscotch, my first username was xXBellaDaWaffleXx. I chose it because, my name is Bella, and my friends and I had this club called the Waffle Family. I was in it, so, of course, I'm a waffle!
Then, I realized it was really long, so I changed it to iWaffle. Mainly because iLove, iHeart, and iCeCream were taken. (I searched those names, and nothing came up!)
And my forum username is easy. Name=Bella. Bella=Waffle Bella Waffle=Favorite number is 17!
This is so long...


it was originally supposed to be AvocaDon't




Well, I'd just downloaded HS, and my dad and I were thinking of names. I thought of Rainbow Dash, because my favourite thing is Equestria Girls (the teenage versions of my little pony), but apparently that was taken (wow Hopscotch it actually wasn't XD). Then we tried a few other ideas, and I thought of rainboomdash, since a Rainboom is a cool thing Rainbow Dash can do, and the Equestria girls' band is called The Rainbooms. I added 09 cuz I was nine at the time.
Then I turned 10, and developed a love for cats, so I changed it to Rainboomdash​:smile_cat:.
Then I joined the forum, and for the forum username, thinking that I was only gonna use it once and then ditch it (wow), I carelessly put in Rainboom. Then I (obviously) got addicted to the forum, and changed my hopscotch name to Rainboom​:smile_cat: So people could find me easier. THEN I got totally over emojis, and changed my name to -Rainboom-!

OMG that was long XD


I really like how StarryDream sounds, but it has something to do with my actually name, Lucy.
"Lucy" means "illuminator" and "light"
Stars are bright. They are like the illuminators of the sky.
And I have big dreams, like any other 11-years-old dreamers do.
So goes StarryDream!:wink: