What does your name mean? (On the forum/hopscotch)


Now, before you flag, please just hear me out. I am going to do a bunch of logo projects on what your hopscotch name actually means! I will do mine first, so that way people can understand what I mean by this. Just tell me me your hopscotch and/or forum name, and I will do the rest. My name is Linktastic929 because Link is fantastic,and I was born 9/29


My hopscotch name is Crazy_cake

My forum name is smishsmash


What do they mean? Why did you choose them?


Crazy_cake because I loovvvee cake and I'm crazy :D

Smishsmash because that was the old username of my account Crazy_cake and that was that because it used to be an account me and my dad shared (but he only made 1 project)and I thought of 2 thumbs smashed to get her, it became Smishsmash_ :D


Okay. Cool. Thanks a million


So I am called DA-BEAST on hopscotch cos I am DA-BEAST


My username is -Madi- because my name is Madison. In real life no one calls me Madi so I don't know why it's my username! :joy:I just like it I guess. Great topic!


Madi, thanks for the input. Be sure to check on my hopscotch account tom Oreos for your logo!


What r u called on HS?


I would like a logo!

My username is Candyfloss clouds​:ribbon: (On HS) because I like Candyfloss and Candyfloss looks a lot like a pink cloud. The bow emoji is because there was no Candyfloss emoji and it fitted!

My HS forum username is the same, but you can't have spaces in your username and no emojis... :wink: Only in your posts XD


Linktastic929, because Link (from Zelda) is fantastcic


Alright, great! Expect it soon!




Yeah I see ur account


It doesn't mean anything I just thought of this, it was cool, and bam :boom: XD


Plz SYBP. There is already a topic like this.


My hopscotch name is Victoria and my forum name is Caroline. I don't know why I picked those names, I don't like my actual name. It's hard to pronounce. I think I might use my actual name. Here's a vote for my name:

  • My actual name
  • My fake name


Votes are public.

Please vote!!!


Thanks to everyone who votes!!!


Helios is my forum name

And believe me it has a deeper meaning

Helios is my kind of personality mixed with my Pokemon addiction.

It represent my loyalty and shocking defense to anyone is getting hurt and I would protect them. Helios also represents more of a Pokemon to me then a God and it's a abbreviation. (Helios y'know the sun god)

And in HS it's called Helioz cause Helios was already taken :(


Im maktese


oh uha
me nam neans

idk gud tropic tho
i lik cats