What does your activity look like?



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What does your activity usually look like? Ours look like this!

Our Activity!

I know this part is off topic, but it's cool!

The Hopscotch Team's first project! They have come a long way!
And the link to it:



Lemme just spam your activity, @tankt2016


I'll do the same...XD


Actually that's just how far back it can go.


Mainly filled currently with

Tankt2016 liked your project


I think you gave me interest from my spamlike challenge reward :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


We must live close to each other, the activity appeared quicker than usual!




Lol, I don't think so, if you are in america i am in the UK lol


Mine is mainly filled with

Candycane liked your project


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You know how I got the name right? I have it on auto-correct!


Yep. I'm in America, so Hopscotch must be really fats...Wait, I mean fast!


Mostly Star Dodge! :3


My teacher told me to stop taking pictures because I'm running low on storage or something like that.

So here is one from last Friday! :smiley:


Yep! Congrats for the feature! I was your 350th liker!


Your activity comes in quick!


How is yours that fast??

I get like 2 an hour because I don't think it can handle the amount of remixes I get... :grimacing:

[quote="tankt2016, post:10, topic:17034, full:true"]
Yep. I'm in America, so Hopscotch must be really fats...Wait, I mean fast!

Lol! :joy:


We get about 5 every half-hour if we get activity.


Photo bomb! :smile:

@tankt2016 yep, but I rarely look at it.


I look at it every time I get activity! Xd


Mine has always been fast, don't know why.