What does trust levels do?


What does trust level mean? What do it do? How high can it get? Please answer!
- minioncandy


There are 5 levels, going from New user to Leader.
Each level gives different abilities!


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Trust levels

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Yeah, I believe there's a post by @t1_hopscotch about it.
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There are 6; new, basic, member, regular, leader, and mod :wink:


Mod is not technically a trust level as it is a rank


Trust levels are basically a series of levels where new abilities are unlocked at each level. You have to do certain things (be on, view topics, receive likes) to get all the way to Trust Level 3. (Regular). To get any further, you need a promotion from THT. You can't earn Trust Level 5 or Mod automatically. You can read more about all these levels in the "Badges" section of the forum! Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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It goes up to leader. But each one gives different abilities. And the higher you get, the more you can do. I am trying to get to regular. I am a member right now. @Kiwicute2016 how close to regular am I?